Hi there, I'm Erin...aka your Generational Photographer!

Welcome to my cozy corner of the internet - I'm a girl who drinks too much coffee, while trying to keep my plants alive, watching The Office or Friends on repeat, probably testing out a new recipe on my husband, and preferring to be with my floof over (most) humans!

Born and raised in Warren, OH, now calling Vienna, OH home, I have been full-time in my photography career for over 10 years.


You may be wondering...

So what is a 'generational photographer??'

I'm so glad you asked!


I'm here to give you more than just beautiful photos to hang above your fireplace, (and don't worry, you are totally getting that!) I'm ultimately here to build a connection with you and your family for years to come. Someone who is more than a photographer to you, but is someone you trust with your family's milestones time and time again. The person your kids know, and can't wait to "CHEESE!" for, who isn't just a stranger they meet once. 

Often times, it begins with the Senior Session, and we click immediately, feeling like two friends hanging out by the end! Then, the day comes when that Senior turns into a young adult, finds their mate, and makes sure I'm there, with camera in hand, for their "I Do's." Next, wait for it...the babies start to come, and I get to capture those chubby cheeks and tiny toes, while watching them grow in front of my lens. At this point, I basically feel like an honorary member of the family, capturing the special occasions, intimate moments, and all the in-betweens, as the cycle continues into the next generation...and the next.

A little more about me, in case you were wondering that too...

As a nationally published photographer, my work has been featured on Senior Inspire - one of the largest Senior communities on Instagram, as well as Senior Year Magazine, and a variety of other Senior outlets. I have had the privilege to shoot in 13 states, Mexico, Romania and Africa. I have been hired to cover art gallery exhibits, music events on cruise ships, as well as large concert events, featuring Grammy Award winning artists. Over the years, I have also worked as a photo journalist in Uganda, Africa for a missions organization. All that to say: Have camera, will travel, across town...or across the world.


For every season of life, preserving the memories of your journey.


Flash A Smile…Develop A Memory

~Erin xo